Just to tell you, I have moved Sweet Memories to my personal website. The new address is http://dbutterfly.digitalrice.com/sm/index.php. Do not worry about the cliques, the owner of each will be notified and if one has been removed or moved to a new location, the links will be changed at the new location for SM. Thank you for reading so far and I promise, I will be trying to update SM as much as possible, unlike here. ^^; Ja ne!!


I need to keep up with the time. ^^;;; I have been pretty sorta busy. I've mostly been staying on Furcadia for so long, I don't know what the real world looks like. ^^; I posted a little graphic to show if I am onlone Furcadia or not. Thanks to Starluck for making it. I got a few more pages added to RRH. I'm planning to have a reviews section to where you can fill out a form and I'll review your site on content and loading time and stuff like that. You can also review my site if you'd like. I'll adopt a few more creatures in a few weeks when I find the time to look for a few. Through out the last week, I've been to Bible School. I was a teacher in the "Craft's Lagoon". The reason it's called that is because we had an Amazon theme this year. It was real fun. We got to make these little pots and a dip mix, even though no one tried it yet, I'm hoping to soon. ^^; We made angel necklaces, "floppy frogs" out of socks, rain sticks. And we got to sing and dance, although I didn't sing or dance, I got to watch the kids. I got a new kitty, but yesterday, my mother let it go outside for the first time here, and she ran away. Her name was Salem, but the lady who had her last called her Sa Sa. She was, what, two or three years old? I wasn't sure. But she was the most prettiest kitty I've ever seen. She was pure black with yellow eyes. I hope we can get her back. :*(
Ja ne!!


Wow, long time since I blogged. ^^;; Sorry about that. Just been real busy with home and stuff. I got RRH back up and running. The only difference, I am not adopting out any animals, I am only going to be homing my adopted cyber pets. I got a link up to one of my bestest-best friends on the net's blog. I thought hers was mundo kute. ^^ I've joined a new community called Furcadia. I've been on it for almost a month now. *yay* I got Josh to join about a week and a half after I joined. He's liking it. He's not fond of it that much, but he's fun to talk to. ^^ If you have Furcadia, look me up. Tha name's Saebrylla. Josh's name is Dark Mousy. Don't ask me why he picked that, I guess to show off to me. ^^; Guess that's all for now.
Ja ne!!


Hey, I'm back. ^^ I had a pretty good vacation from the computer. I'm not going to be updating much, because I won't be on as much. I will still talk to my friends, and check my email and come and post here, but I might not update my sites that much. I got rid of on. Red Rose Haeven. I may open it up later in time when I get more time on my hands, but I've opened a new site, Open-ed Mind-ed. The URL is http://dbutterfly.digitalrice.com/om. I made the site by hand with my own HTML and I learned PHP from DDG. I may get a new layout. I might even make one myself. ^^ I've been having lotsa fun making graphics and my friends have been saying that I'm getting better each time. Josh has been back for little less than a week now and he's been extra special to me. ^^ His mother still hates me, but it doesn't bother me. I would really like to know why she dislikes me too. *thinks* Not really sure.
Ja ne!!


Hello, all. I'm sorry to say this, but I will not be updating my blog that much anymore. I also will not be joining any cliques. I need some time to myself. I need to find myself. Who knows how long it will be, it may be a few days, it may be a month. Yes, I will be coming online and checking my email and maybe chatting for a while, but that will be all. I am not going to be updating my sites for a while. I will still have Open-ed Mind-ed up and running, but it may take a while longer thatn scedualed. Josh is still out on vacation. He should be coming home tomorrow or Monday. I already wrote to him about my problem and he said that he would leave me alone for a while so I can find myself. He said that if I call him, he would come over and help me. I hope to see you all soon. ^^
Ja ne!!


Konnichawa, minna-san! Guess what, I do installations for ikonboard(2.1.9 and 3.0.1), OpenBB, and a few other various CGI/PHP scripts. If you have anything to be installed, please email me at kiaphillips@ev1.net with your FTP server name, username, and password. Here's an example: (warning! This example doesn't actually work!)
FTP server name: ftp.netfirms.com
Username: forums
Password: forums

Also, I just got a tag-board. If you dont fell like writing in the g-book or emailing me, just tag me. I read it at least every other day. Like always, just tell me the URL of any cliques you have or have joined any that isn't elite. I can't quite stand those elite cliques, but some are nice. I haven't tried to join any, because I read the rules and I don't qualify with a free host. Oh, well. I can always find cliques to where I can join freely. ^-^ Josh... What can I say, I joined a clique for him. ^-^ He's just soo adorable and I love him soo deeply. That's all for now. I'll try to be back on tommorrow when I get home from a convention. Not like those anime convention, it's actually a meeting of the "higher" people of the US. I don't know who will be there, but a friend of my grandmother's called tonight and wanted me to come up there tomorrow to help pass out food. I'll tell about it and who I met, if any important people. I might carry a camera to take some pics, I'm not really sure if it's really the public or if its the higher saciety of the US. I'll figure it out when I get there. ^-^;;
Ja ne!!!


Hi, Hi!! I'm sorry for not posting in a while. I've been so depressed and sick, I didn't fell like getting on and typing. All I've been doing was joining cliques. You can see them right under the contact information. If you have a clique I can join, please email me, fill out the form, or sign my g-book so I can join. I love joining cliques. I wish I can find that clique-aholic clique. I can't find many anymore. Josh is such a sweet heart. He's been so helpful and nice and funny through my hard times. I really love it how he's been acting. Now if only I can get my dad to act like him to my mum like he acts around me. I love him soo much. It's been almost a month since we've been together. Or was that two. I can't remember, because he's been so good it fells like we've been together forever. My uncle made us these delicious hamburgers last night. Mmmm... I think I still have a peice of meat stuck between my braces. I forgot to brush my teeth last night and I meant to do it this morning, but I was too lazy. Don't worry, my teeth aren't that bad. They are still kinda white. At least they aren't yellow and falling out... Me and Josh halfed my burger. No, we didn't eat the whole thing together. I cut it in half and gave him half and I ate the other half. The patty's were soo juicy and moist, that it was just falling apart in my hand when I was making our burger. We got everything fixed up with my family. Now if only I can get my dad to act like Josh to my mum. He keeps bringing her blood sugar up too high and if it gets too high, she could go into hypo-somthing-or-another. I'll have to look it up in my nurse aide book. Can't quite remember now. Almost forgot something. The URL for Cries Unheard, my group blog is http://criesunheard.blogspot.com
I guess that's all for now.
  Ja ne!!


I've been joining losta cliques during my time off. To see the cliques I've currently joined, scroll down a bit until you see Link to SM. Scroll down just a tad bit more and you'll see the cliques. If you have a clique, fill out the form or sign bmy g-book and I'll go see about it and maybe even join. ^-^
Ja ne!!


I've just made a group blog. Stop by Unheard Cries and fill out the form to become a member. I'll then send you an invitation email with a link for you to join it. Just follow the link and then you'll be in the group blog. ^-^
Ja ne!!


Hello, I'm sorry for not posting. I've been too busy with my job and problems at home. Me and my b/f is trying to work things out with my family. I'm still trying to get the layout to work. For some reason, it still looks wierd. Not sure why. I'll fiqure it out. ^-^